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"Jiang Yangyi, I have nothing to say to you. What I want now is just a piece of paper and a book." Gu Jin lowered his eyes slightly and said, "I really hate the title of Princess Cheng." Jiang Yangyi listened to this sentence as if grasping at straws: "Elegy, do you hate me?" If you hate me, you still love me. Gu Jin broke away from Jiang Yangyi and said, "I hate you." As soon as Jiang Yangyi was pleased, he stretched out his hand and wanted to embrace Gu Jin. But Gu Jin's words succeeded in making Jiang Yangyi's movements freeze in place: "That was before." When you left fifty-eight scars on my wrist, regardless of my life or death, regardless of my pain or not. I stopped hating you when you locked me up in the water dungeon eleven times. "Perhaps even earlier, now my hands are full of scars from you, ninety-six in all.". I have been locked up in the water dungeon fifteen times, I have typhoid fever, and I can no longer feel the temperature of the sun. These are all given to me by you. Gu Jin smiled: "I am so cheap that I still love you." Jiang Yangyi shook his lips, his face was white and frightening, and the temperature of his whole body faded at this moment. Love or hate, in the end, death is liberation. Gu Jin looked at his wrist full of scars and smiled: "After reincarnation, it is a body." "The only thing I regret is that when my father stopped me from marrying you,Amber Dropper Bottles, I was so duty-bound." "The only thing I'm sorry for is probably my body, which has made me feel cool and thin, and I've had such a hard life. It's too sad." Gu Jin smiled: "So, you help me!" " Section 23 Once Spring Goes to Beauty (23) "I want to be all right, to die quietly with the title of princess, and to be buried beside my mother." Gu Jin looked up at Jiang Yangyi and said, "If you agree to divorce,Serum Bottle With Dropper, just think of it as your last favor." Jiang Yangyi wanted to smile, but pulled the corners of his mouth: "If I don't agree, will you hate me?" In the end, he even wanted to keep her in this way, even if she could hate him again. But at the thought of what Gu Jin had just said: Now my hands are full of scars from you, a total of ninety-six. I have been locked up in the water dungeon for fifteen times, I have typhoid fever, and I can no longer feel the temperature of the sun. These are all given to me by you. He suddenly felt that if he didn't promise again, he would really. But he really did not want to agree, as if as long as he drew up this and the book, there would be no other intersection between them. But I can't refuse. Jiang Yangyi closed his eyes and his voice was low and hoarse: "Good." I promise you, we'll leave. Gu Jin smiled and said, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,oil dropper bottle, "Thank you for your help." Jiang Yangyi slowly opened his eyes: "Elegy, can you..." Gu Jin raised his eyes slightly and looked at Jiang Yangyi. Jiang Yangyi seemed to be crying instead of laughing. "Can you call me a husband and call yourself a concubine before you leave?" Let me hear you call me that for the last time and the first time. Gu Jin lowered his eyes and did not reply. Jiang Yangyi pulled the corners of his mouth: "I'm sorry to make such a rude request to you." "After all, I am sorry for you and I have failed you." He had always thought that he had lost the wind and could not give the other party the position of the imperial concubine, but now he knew that the person he had lost had always been the person in front of him. Half an hour ago, what he said to Feng Yinyin seemed so ironic. Gu Jin sighed slightly and said, "Husband, as soon as I leave you today, I hope I have nothing to do with you." Warm and beautiful name, but said so unfeeling words. Gu Jin shouted out, not that Jiang Yangyi was pitiful, nor that he was softhearted. Instead, on the wedding day, Wei Elegy sat in the bridal chamber, nervously and shyly waiting for Jiang Yangyi. Want to call him a good husband, but she has not said, was Jiang Yangyi's indifference poured a cool heart. And after that, she never wanted to call out again. Gu Jin never looked at Jiang Yangyi again. He walked slowly out of the hospital and looked at Jiang Chengyi waiting outside the door. He looked at the dried blood behind him and frowned: "Why don't you go back and have a good rest?" Jiang Chengyi looked at Jiang Yangyi, who was still in the same place, and said lightly, "It's all right.". ” Gu Jin also knew in his heart that it was really serious at the very beginning. If she hadn't borrowed Manzhu Shahua to slow down the blood on Jiang Chengyi's back, I'm afraid Jiang Chengyi wouldn't even have the strength to speak now. However, because it is a long knife, the scar must not be removed. Gu Jin took one look at Jiang Chengyi and said, "Thank you for saving your life. But your Highness is the crown prince. I'm afraid it's not a trivial matter today." "And the knife wound must leave a scar." Jiang Chengyi had already thought about how to deal with it, but he didn't need to say it to let Gu Jin know. He just said, "Peace of mind is that no one will say it." Gu Jin one Leng, immediately guess Jiang Chengyi do prince for so many years, only afraid of human means will not be less. Jiang Chengyi looked at Gu Jin walking on his left side of the delicate side face, watching the other side seriously enjoy watching the lively city. Suddenly I want to forget the bad news and tell myself that this person will be free in the future. And, no longer need to experience so much pain, can be good, good. But I can only live for ten days. At the beginning, she said that she would live well before she left. Did she know that she didn't have much time. He had always thought that she was joking when she told him that her life was not long, and now it was really God who had played a huge joke on him. How can such a woman who makes people feel distressed and pitied be only ten days? Gu Jin in the end is not at ease Jiang Chengyi, after all, is a crown prince, let Jiang Chengyi back to the palace, he slowly walked back to the general office. Seeing the third son of the general's mansion at the gate, Gu Jin felt as if he had been separated from the world. The last thing Wei's elegy thought of before she died was the general's mansion. Now when she came back, she thought that Wei's elegy had not gone out and had not married. Or that did not fall in love with anyone's elegy, live well,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, or walk through these ten days. The door servant looked at Gu Jin's figure and said in surprise, "The young lady is back. Why doesn't the young lady take the carriage?" "Oh, look at my brain. I should be called a princess." Gu Jin smiled softly: "Call me Miss in the future!" 。 penghuangbottle.com

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